Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Is Bodog.com Back?

Here's some poker news that's hot off the presses...

The domain Bodog.com may once again be in the hands of the Morris Mohawk Gaming Group. If you've been around the online poker circuit for awhile, you might remember that Bodog, marketed in the U.S. by Morris Mohawk, lost a bunch of property domain names in 2007. It was due to a patent infringement case filed by 1st Technology, LLC.

Apparently, everyone made nice and ownership of the bodog.com domain (and all of the other bodog.com domains like bodogfight.com and bodoggirls.com, have transferred back to Mohawk.

Alwyn Morris of Morris Mohawk had this to say...

"We are pleased to have worked constructively with 1st Technology and its principals to bring an end to this protracted dispute."

Which we take to mean...

"We hope 1st Technology quietly implodes."

Meanwhile, Calvin Ayre, reclusive billionaire founder of Bodog, had this to say...


Actually, Ayre is living on some Caribbean island nation sipping drinks with little umbrellas in them. Chances are, with a cool billion dollars in the bank, he couldn't care less about the "small stuff."

WPT To Poker Community: "Anyone Out There?"

The WPT Championship launched this past Saturday and one question is on everyone's mind...

"Where the hell is everybody?!"

On the first day, only 126 people showed up. That's down from last year (and not by a little). A few more folks have trickled in since. The field grew to 338 players, down 38% from last year.

If you'd like to follow to event, CardPlayer.com is keeping a good daily rundown.

When Will The Online Gambling Ban Be Lifted?

A couple weeks ago, we mentioned that our pal and yours, Barney Frank, was trying to pull some legislative strings by April 20th to remove the online gambling ban.

Well, here we are on April 21st and the ban is still here. According to some industry insiders, there's little reason to think the ban will be eliminated in the near future. Apparently, Congress has other things on its plate (the economy, health care, a couple of wars, etc.).

Frankly, we think their priorities are slightly out of whack. C'mon, Barney! Get it together.

Another week, another wrap. To recap...

  1. Bodog gets its groove back with Bodog.com (while Calvin Ayre gets his groove on in the Caribbean).
  2. The WPT Championship flickers to life... barely.
  3. Legalized poker betting may have to wait a little longer.

As always, bringing you the poker news that's fit to print.

See you next week...


Anonymous said...

"Legalized poker betting may have to wait a little longer."

It is NOT illegal to bet on poker!

"to remove the online gambling ban"

There IS no online gambling ban!

Please be more careful about what you are reporting.


Tony said...

Gowen, Rousso... This sport has the best babes ever! Almost better then tennis!!