Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Poker Survivor Or One Hand From Homeless?

"It's amazing how much joy my misfortunes seem to bring folks."

So says Jean-Robert Bellande, one-time contestant on reality show, Survivor. Those of you following the poker beat also know Bellande as the player who can't seem to manage his bankroll. The guy's broke more often than not.

On the Survivor set or at home? You decide.

However, he is planning a return to the reality show circuit with "Broke and Living Like a Millionaire." As you might suspect, that has a few tongues wagging and not all of it is praise.


Hac Dang, otherwise known as "trex313" at Full Tilt Poker (read our Full Tilt Poker review) has been heating up the tables so far this year. During the first two months, he has amassed over $2.6 million in winnings.

That puts Dang ahead of some high-profile players like boxer/player Gus Hansen and WAY ahead of another high flyer (yes, we're talking about you Tom Dwan).

And speaking of Tom "durrrr" Dwan...

February 2009: Who's Up And Who's Down?

You might remember that Dwan hemmoraged over $3 million on the poker tables in January. Fortunately, he made a comeback during the first two weeks in February, bringing in about $2 million. The last two weeks of last month were not as kind to Dwan. He gave up most of his February profit and ended the month up approximately $300,000.

For those of you without calculators, that means he's still down around $3 million.

As they say, misery loves company. So, it might console Dwan to know that a few other notable poker players joined the losing ranks last month.

Our man, Phil Ivey, was down nearly $1 million in February and Patrik Antonius lost over half a million. Seriously guys, take some of that cash and our Rushmore Casino Bonus Code and try some online craps, it's awesome.

Meanwhile, February saw Sami "LarsLuzak" Kelopuro sprint ahead of the pack with a $1.5 million take last month. And __FullFlush1__ (who?!) surprised everyone by collecting over $800,000 in winnings.

Money flows quickly in poker. And we're here to follow the trail.

That's another wrap. To recap...

  1. Jean-Robert Bellande can't get any respect.
  2. Hac Dang had a big month (not to mention having a name that's fun to yell).
  3. Dwan, Ivey, and Antonius have a lot of ground to make up for the year.

See you next week...

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