Tuesday, June 17, 2008

What's New at the Kick Ass Poker Blog

Now that Haley's full time working with the good folks at Poker News, and Canada Cal is ice fishing and timber gathering in the frozen north, we figured it was time to give a quick update about the blog.

Haley still has access and promises the occasional post every now and then, and she is more than welcome to at anytime! :) We'll also be posting more interesting news from around the world of online poker and discussing current topics of interest, ranging from strategy articles, which in all honestly are mostly going to be found in our Kick Ass Poker local blog. This will remain the place for the weird, interesting, and random poker news and controversy.

Haley is covering the 2008 WSOP live as part of the team with PokerNews and we wish her the best!

We are passively looking for someone to take over the roll of regular blogger here at the KickAssPoker blog, but it's not easy to replace Haley's shoes. If you're interested, feel free to post a comment or drop us an email, to support (AT) kica$$Poker d com, no dollar signs (damn spambots).

We got our first set of translations finished and live, and they included a German Translation of our PokerStars Download Guide, a French Translation, " téléchargement pokerstars " and a different GermanPokerStars.de Review. One thing I did find interesting when researching translations, was that for the Italian market, PokerStars is downloaded through a completely different domain. Here is the Scarica PokerStars Italian translation we had done, but they might be looking to "scarica pokercheckraise" as this is how the brand is utilized, to some extent there. I have to imagine this is similar to the ".net" status here in the states and the .fr and the pokerstars.it you'll see as well.

We have also added in a handful of poker strategy videos including this Sit N Go strategy video series at Full Tilt.

Good luck at the tables!

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Renee said...

Best wishes to Haley and Canada Cal for all their great work. Will still look for their writings elsewhere!