Saturday, March 08, 2008

The Slow Exit, Part 5: Good Riddance to Bad Pammie

With the recent announcement that Pamela Anderson's very brief marriage to Paris Hilton sex-tape degen Rick Salomon was over, maybe we can finally watch Pammie disappear from the poker scene. That'd be cool wouldn't it? For what it's worth, Anderson has filed for an annulment of the brief marriage to Salomon, the "let's pretend it never happened" allowance that the legal world creates for dumbasses who never should've gotten hitched in the first place.

Not that Pammie asked me, y'know, but if she had, I'd have ventured that marrying someone to settle a poker debt wasn't likely to turn into long-term wedded bliss. The annulment motion, of course, if successful, would preclude Salomon from receiving any sort of settlement from Anderson in the unlikely event she stumbles into a really well-paying gig again sometime soon. I don't think that magician's-assistant gig with Hans Klok carried a seven-figure salary.

It's funny that after all this time, only recently have Doyle's Room commercials featuring Pammie snuggling up to Doyle begin to appear on certain poker broadcasts. (At least I've only noticed them in the past month or two.) Who knows? Maybe there was some hidden maneuvering that allowed these commercials to be shown, since I'd guess they were filmed in middle or late 2006, about the time the mock wedding with Doyle was arranged at the 2006 WSOP. Rumor has it that all involved in that were rather embarrassed by the proceedings. But see, Pammie? Just fake the damn wedding. You'll get the same headlines....

Oy. Makes my head hurt, it does.

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Lou Krieger said...

Pammie disappear from the poker scene? Ohmigod, what would I have to talk about on my radio show or blog about whenever she does something so quintessentially Pammie ... like get married again?

Lou Krieger