Sunday, March 02, 2008

The Slow Exit, Part 3: More Hawbaker

Iggy was on the ball again in tracking the latest episode in the ongoing Brandi Hawbaker fiasco. This latest episode seems to have been a post by a writer for a competing publication (both of which will go unnamed), who had possibly planned to do a print feature on Brandi or Naami or whatever her name will be next week.

That story concept seems to have been deep-sixed. Prudent decision, if in fact the original post wasn't a hoax of some sort, which it may well have been. Brandi Hawbaker as a circus sideshow for a blog or a discussion forum is wonderful entertainment, but the concept of her as a serious poker story is stunningly laughable, and way too risky (in my humble opinion) in legal terms to even want to bother making the effort. Were one to ask my opinion, I'd say that they don't make poles long enough to touch it in terms of real news. It's cheap gossip fodder, nothing more, and fodder of a potentially poisonous sort.

Some people exist only to find a way to attract attention to themselves, and ultimately, one has to exercise some self-control and turn off the attention spigot. Therefore, I'm calling it quits on the "Brandi" stuff, because the only parts of the ridiculous saga that are serious have now become serious for all the wrong reasons.

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