Sunday, January 20, 2008

Oh, Lord, More Brandi

The latest episode in the ongoing Brandi Hawbaker circus, for those of you who don't read discussion boards or other blogs dedicated to poker, was an allegation made by her live-in boyfriend of the past year or so about the rather messy way that she ended the relationship --- by stealing all the possessions of the guy while he was away and selling everything sellable, and tossing the rest in the trash.

The accusations by 'Brandon' (last name unreleased), were first posted on 2+2 and elsewhere. A couple of days ago, Bryan Micon of NeverWinPoker fame --- and probably not a 'Brandi' fanatic --- did a ten-minute video interview with Brandon that touches on a few of the details of both the incident in question and Brandi's earlier, allegedly questionable past. We're not even going to delve into the blatant web-hit whoring by 2+2 boss David Sklansky in a couple other posts on that site. Sklansky and Hawbaker also had some sort of a relationship in the last year.

We were tempted to point out last time that the public-records listings for Hawbaker show her as either 32 or 33, in direct contradiction to the recently reported celebration of her 25th birthday. We also didn't necessarily believe the public-records information. Still, at the risk of delving into too much cheap dime-store philosophy, we'll posit a question or two.

The worst of the allegations made by 'Brandon' suggest that Hawbaker's got a bit of a police record, with 'prostitution' prominently and repeatedly mentioned. Given that and the possibility that the public-records info for Hawbaker lists the wrong age(s), can you think of an explanation why? Lots and lots of people find a way to get a bogus ID, but far fewer would be likely to rely on falsified documents (if such were indeed the case) once some sort of police or criminal matter came into the play. So what person would have documentation of this sort, showing an age that might be several years too old?

One easy explanation: a long-term teenage runaway. And since a lot of teenage runaways do get sucked up into the world of prostitution, it's one explanation both for why Hawbaker's info doesn't seem to jive (she really doesn't look 33), and for why she consistently seems to treat men as marks. Misogyny exists on both sides of the gender spectrum, y'know, and you'd be hard-pressed to find a more blatant example than in the world of johns and prostitutes.

Not that we're saying any of the rumors are true. We're just saying that if there are, there might be reasons.

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