Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Here's a Treat from the CasinoMeister Annual Awards

One of the things that I have to as part of my work is scour the Web. Constantly. The tougher the news day, the deeper the scouring. It can start of with a few quick news-engine 'topic' searches and the checking of latest press releases, and from there it often delves into poker-discussion forums and the like, to see what's bean talked about. After that --- meaning it's a really slow news day --- I resort to a handy library of 15 or 20 news-oriented sites that often have little nuggets buried away if you know where to look.

One of those on my list is CasinoMeister.org. I actually don't visit this one too often because it does focus on online-casino offerings, and not so much on poker. Still, there's often a trinket or two worth the read. This latest ultra-worthy trinket comes from CasinoMeister's recently announced annual awards, which highlight the best and the worst of the online-casino world.

This one is -so- bad it must be shared, because I missed it in its entirety when it first came out. CasinoMeister's award for for 'Worst Blundering Screwup' was given to Virtual Danny's 'September 11 Twin Towers' promo.

Without further ado, the text of the promotional release:

Seven Years ago Today The unthinkable Happened A Great Loss of Life Took place
Brought Down but NOT Destroyed
Was the Towering Recognition…
The Sanctity of Protection…
One Groups Sacrifice Chosen in a Pennsylvania Field

The Virtual Casino Group TODAY Asks
Never Forget Why
Never Forget NineEleven
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Get a 911% Twin Towering Total Bonus

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And In Honor of 911

In Honor of

That Towering Recognition

That Sanctity of Protection

That One Groups Sacrifice The Twin Towers Redeem Code TwinTowers
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The Choice

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