Sunday, January 27, 2008

Damn the Torpedoes, It's Full Marketing Ahead

In the wake of the insider-cheating scandal at Absolute Poker, it now seems clear that the firm's intent is to buy its way out of its problems with extensive advertising and marketing efforts. Here's the latest wrinkle out of the Costa Rican enterprise, as reported by 2+2 poster 'LooseAgressive' in this post:

Absolute Poker Phone Calls?

Has anyone received a phone call from Absolute Poker recently? I was called about 10 minutes ago (which is about 10:10p, nice manners ABS!) asking why "they haven't seen me for a while." I told them that their scandal turned me off from their site and I would look elsewhere at more secure rooms. The operator was not content with this answer and proceeded to talk about how they "sniffed out" the cheaters and corrected the problem. She claimed that they now are the safest room on the net. They also called from the number 1-000-000-0000 which is kind of funny. Anyway, keep an ear open the call can be kinda funny.

While Absolute may have succeeded in restoring their overall player numbers to pre-scandal levels, another question we're not likely to never know the answer to is the relative quality (stakes and quantities played) of the players involved. Or to put it more succinctly: How 'bout them churn rates?

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