Sunday, December 23, 2007

Why Aren't Idiots Like These Ever at our Table?

From the 'Paging P.T. Barnum' department, on the topic of various suckers being born every minute:

The Michigan City, IN News-Dispatch reported recently on the tale of a Brookfield, IL player who was robbed of some $550, and the wallet that money was in, from a room at the Blue Chip casino where he was playing.

Seems the player paid $50 to another player at the table for a place to sleep for a few hours. No, the person who had paid for the room had never met the other player before; the second player was from Winona Lake, IN. Player A played all night, then crashed for a few hours and woke up at 4pm to find his wallet missing.

One... two... three... d'oh....

Theft stuff aside, players who make decisions and reads on others this bad are the type we want to play, right?

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