Sunday, November 04, 2007

Yang Speaks! On 'Keep Flopping Aces'

[Cal here, on Sunday duty---]

One thing you'll have to watch for in the coming days is the posting of the latest episode of Lou Krieger and Amy Calistri's "Keep Flopping Aces" podcast Hold'em Radio.

While we've mentioned the show recently, the Yang episode, which should be available in the archives within a few days, features the better part of an hour's conversation with Yang himself, the 2007 WSOP Main Event champion. While Yang remains a modest and overly polite speaker --- and hence, perhaps not as enervating as many 'in your face' types elsewhere --- there's still a good deal of information in this one that's worth the listen.

There's also one of those "Did he really just say that?" moments tucked inside there somewhere. Sometimes life can be a strange, surreal trip, as evidenced by some of the very unusual moments that Yang chose to share. No, you can't worm it out of us here. You'll just have to wait and listen for yourself if you missed it during its live broadcast.


Kevin Mathers said...

I'm going to guess and one of those moments is around the 19:45 mark (regarding helping out the casino workers when he didn't do a tip after winning?

Kevin Mathers said...

I guess you could include the ~43:30 mark as well, tying in to an earlier comment.

guest said...

Yes, that's the one!