Saturday, November 03, 2007

A Week's Worth of Absolute Developments

Haley here, stopping in on a Saturday night, fresh from watching Navy beat Notre Dame for the first time in a Biblical generation. As in previous weeks, this will be a succinct recap of the latest developments in the Absolute Poker situation, though there wasn't as much new this week. That's likely to be the case for the next several weeks, as official developments slow down, pending whatever news comes out of the announced AP audits.

Amid all the hyperbole, over at, a war-of-videos erupted between AP figurehead Mark Seif and co-owner Todd 'Dan Druff' Witteles, one of the many players victimized by the cheating on the AP site. Both videos appear in the 'The Toke' segment of the site, and both players have issued followups of sorts elsewhere. Seif's appears on his Bluff player blog, while Witteles' comments have been on the various poker forums.

There are rumors that several mainstream outlets are planning longer pieces on the situation. Perhaps the one that's most in the minds of the story is a planned piece by Gary Wise of WiseHandPoker and fame; Gary's piece is reported to be at about 6,000 words and was recently sent over to Nat Arem for "fact checking" (this according to Arem himself). It'll show up soon; whether there's any new news in it remains to be seen.

I hinted last week when I talked here about the matter that I'd likely have another piece over at PokerNews. That story appeared mid-week and should provide a solid recap of the latest official developments. There's been nothing new in an official sense, since.

Now, returning you to your regularly scheduled spew...

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