Thursday, September 20, 2007

KickAssPoker Online League Off to Donktacular Start

Haley here, stopping by for some primo pimpage!

Last night saw the debut of the fall KAP league over at Bodog, which is something that y'all need to think about playing in. Registration is free, the tourneys are password-protected (though that password is easily available all over the KAP site and forums, and I'll even e-mail it to you upon request), and the buy-ins are a very reasonable $10 or $20, each Wednesday night for the next couple of months.

There are lots of bonus prizes, too, and don't worry about missing one night's play. The league features a nice flat bonus structure so there's plenty of time to make up ground. Even better, the early leader is this humble blogger, who combined an extended stretch of mid-tournament card rackage with a couple of instances of pure donkishness during the final hands to pull out an unlikely, two-outer-driven win. Haw-hee!!

More seriously, it's a good time and a nice friendly atmosphere for anyone who wants to join in. Watch out for KAP boss Jason, who plays under the 'KAP' name with his famed 'short bus' avatar, though he's actually both wicked good and runs about 85% in late-tourney coin flips. Who's going to be the one to bring his extended run down to earth? Jason picked up points for his third-place finish last night, as did nine other players, including DjDeepC, who finished an unfortunate second after playing great and getting his chips in good.

See ya next week, with a target on my back!

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