Sunday, September 30, 2007

And the Latest Mr. Pamela Anderson is... Rick Salomon

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The open question as to exactly which "professional poker player" Pamela Anderson had been banging in exchange for a quarter mil in poker-debt forgiveness might finally have its answer. The two primary suspects --- not to mention likely candidates for near-future Hepatitis C tests --- were Antonio Esfandiari and Rick Salomon, the latter lesser known in poker circles but more notorious for his role in bringing his sex-video romp with Paris Hilton ("1 Night in Paris") to the Internet a few years ago, thereby inflicting us forever after with that tabloid cause celebre.

The "winner" here seems to be Salomon, which was the most likely outcome, since he'd already been photographed departing a private jet with Anderson several weeks back. But here's the latest from something released from the World Entertainment News Network:

Actress PAMELA ANDERSON and poker player RICK SALOMON successfully applied for a marriage license in Las Vegas on Saturday (29Sep07), according to reports.

The Baywatch beauty and Salomon have never officially announced they are an item.
But in a recent interview with U.S. chat show host Ellen DeGeneres, Anderson revealed she had fallen in love with a poker player who offered to pay off her $250,000 (£125,000) gambling debt for a night of sex.

Anderson refused to name names, but candidly told DeGeneres that she eventually succumbed to the rich fan's offer, explaining, "It worked out, I liked it... I paid off a poker debt with sexual favours and fell in love. It's so romantic." Mother-of-two Anderson has been married twice before, to Motley Crue drummer Tommy Lee and Kid Rock, while Salomon is best known for 'starring' alongside Paris Hilton in sex tape 1 Night In Paris.

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