Wednesday, August 29, 2007

New Bodog? Yes,

In one of those "wtf is going on" moments it seems that online powerhouse has lost it's domain name and is now using the domain name to continue current operations while trying to get their new name back. This "newbodog" site is a copy of the website but if you were a poker player there you will need to re-download the software from the "new" site.

How did online marketing giant lose their domain name?

Well, it seems that they had a patent infringement lawsuit filed against them and did not appear in U.S. court to defend themselves. They lost the $48 million judgement and their domain names were snatched up in the process.

I think it is best if we just let Calvin Explain it himself shall we?

This will be interesting to watch unfold...

Here is more info on the domain dispute and If you are a new player you can get a bonus too!

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