Sunday, June 10, 2007

Speakin' of Messin' With the Canadian Economy

Canada Cal here, still catching up on behalf of Haley, who will be owing me some big favors the next time she comes up here walleye fishing. This one's a freebie, though, 'cause it's about NETeller, which ain't great but is Canadian, and therefore better than say, it's non-Canadian equivalent. Except there is no such thing as a non-Canadian equivalent of anything, sort of by default.

But NETeller? They announced that they'll be paying folks in due time, 'due' being the operative word. They were right at the end of the window they'd announced for presenting a plan for repayment for all the U.S. money that's holed up in a nondescript cave on the Isle of Man, guarded by three sheep farmers and a Black-and-Tan Terrier named Bugsy. Bugsy's livin' high on the hog these days, since there's $160 million or thereabouts gathering interest for someone right now, and it ain't gonna be you sorry-assed Americans.

Looks like you'll get your money, after all, sometime after July 13 and sometime before hell freezes over, or whenever NETeller, now devoid of all processing-employee help, can get around to handling the hundreds of thousands of payment requests that are already in the queue or are sure to come as soon as the gates are opened. The tentative plan is for there to be a 180-day window in which you guys can request your finds, either by check or by re-certifying your bank account for electronic deposit. Were there an over/under on some Bodog-like site on the percentage of people who will tak payment by check rather than electronic transfer, I'd take that the over. I don't think many people will trust the other system again.

You can request your payments in that window. How long it'll take to receive those payments remains anyone's guess.

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