Saturday, June 23, 2007

Sklansky Messing with the Christians Again

Canada Cal, on the Haley beat...

David Sklansky's old $50,000 challenge about finding a true Christian 'believer' who could also best Sklansky in a high-speed SAT math test was in the news again this week, presumably because Sklansky himself saw fit to push the nugget around about. Sklansky's long been upset with organized Christianity -- or rather, some of Christianity's more stupid factions -- who presumably would damn all them thar non-Christians to hell just for being born outside the Christian world.

Sounds like a tease, doesn't it?

Chances are it's Sklansky who's doing the teasing. David's admitted to doing a bit of trolling with some of his recent spewings, whether or not he actually agrees with what he's saying. It also provides an easy out in case you do actually discover yourself with your foot in your mouth, and planned or not, Sklansky's done a bit of the old toenail chewing in recent times.

You may also be aware of how Sklansky has upsold his platonic relationship with Brandi Hawbaker, she of the huggling episodes with Captain Tom, among other things. Hawbaker's attention-whoring ways verge on a psychological order, and Sklansky, well, he's a bit "other-directed" as well. I'm not saying he's nuts; I'm saying that he likely prioritizes things in a different way than most other folks. He calculates everything, and he may have calculated an overall gain, in page click-throughs, if nothing else, from cultivating a relationship with Hawbaker.

Or with a bunch of math-whiz Christians, maybe? You have to think there's more at play in this one.

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