Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Skill Games Networks Departs... with a Whimper

(Canada Cal, checking in for Haley while she's recovering from the phlegmbitis or constipography or whatever it is that's ailin' her--)

Here's one that a lot of you Americans probably didn't notice much at all last week. The Skill Games Poker Network said it'd had enough, promptly closed up shop and began settling up with its remaining customers. Skill Games was a pretty small network, by the by, featuring Naked Poker and Games Grid Poker and not much else I can think of. early on it also had Tony G Poker, until that site decided to give it up in the face of what you guys did (meaning you Americans), that being the UIGEA.

Well, there wasn't much left to Skill Games, really, and with the bigger networks around it consolidating and merging right and left, Skill Games finally just had to say, "Aww, heck with it," and accept it as a good idea with pretty bad timing, the way a lot business things tend to work out. I got myself a shed full of those 'Singin' Billy Bass' things out back, so I know that works, indeedy.

What might be interesting about it all is if it has an effect on Mansion. You'd have had to have played both on the Skill Games Network and on Mansion to know it (and you guys down there in the land of the Bushies can't do that any longer), but there was a lot of similarities between the Skill Games software and the stuff that Mansion uses. It's a little bit slow in the playing, makes the same sort of funny noises, which makes it seem as though Mansion might have had their software developed by the Skill Games folks early on.

So will Mansion be staring at a software overhaul sometime down the road? I don't know, but those overlays right now sure are ju-u-u-u-u-uicy. Oh, wait, you don't need to hear about that.

Well, to heck with it then, and back at'cha soon, I guess, waitin' for things and waitin' on things. It's busy times.

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