Saturday, June 30, 2007

PokerStars Announces Asian-Pacific Tour

(Canada Cal, subbing for Haley...)

Do you have a yen for exotic locales? I do, especially when our six weeks of summer here in Thunder Bay ends and the cold Lake Superior winds start whipping in once again. Maybe a trip to Korea, or the Philippines, or Australia would be nice. Australia in December would be nice. You don't want to know what happens to appendages in Thunder Bay in December weather, really you don't.

The reason for all this longful wishing is that has announced its new Asia-Pacific Poker Tour, which is like the EPT for the other side of the globe. PokerStars has announced the first three stops of at least six for the new APPT, the last of which is in Sydney, Australia, in December. That would be nice, wouldn't it? And last time I checked, even you Yanks can still play at Stars and win your way into these events.

That's what I said. Stars will be running lots of satellites for these new APPT events, so, pardon the pun, start filling out that appt. calendar. Earlier events are scheduled for August and September in South Korea and the Philippines, and PokerStars says there are at least three more on the way. Very likely that Macau is one of those.

This adds zero to the news, but here's a happy-happy quote from Sarne Lightman, the APPT's founder: "Every year PokerStars sends thousands of players to compete in events across Europe, the US and the Caribbean. The launch of the APPT brings a whole new dimension to poker in Asia and marks the game's emergence as a truly global sport."

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