Sunday, June 17, 2007

Poker Dome to Close

Canada Cal, checking in for Haley---

The Mansion Poker Dome won't be coming back for any Season Two or Three. The Las Vegas Sun confirmed this after checking with Rick Kulis, the president of Hollybrook Regency, the agency responsible for the lease on the three converted theaters that housed the show at a downtown Vegas mall.

It's not stated in the story, but it's pretty general knowledge --- even up here in Thunder Bay --- that Mansion wasn't going to come back to do Season Two of a show in the U.S. of A. when it couldn't even accept American players, and FOX Sports wasn't going to run the show without a sponsor to pay for all the fun. Since neither of those happened, it was the end of the show. The Hollywood Regency honcho said that the lease would be terminated, as it was essentially a three-year deal.

Sadly, this was one of those things that you could have seen coming months and months ago. Mansion has no problem running generous promotions to try to capture chunks of the poker market, just like those lovely $100,000 Guaranteed tournaments with thons of overlay that've been running daily for months. But it didn't make sense for Mansion to keep the Dome thing running.

So, the Dome endeth. A couple of big winners emerged from the set, including Gavin Smith for a half a million in some sort of pro-am event and Rodel Tuazon, who took down the million in the first and only season of the Poker Dome show itself. Odd coincidence, in that the first person Tuazon eliminated back on his first episode was that AWOL sick person I'm covering for, Haley.

Small world. Waving at y'all from Lake Superior's northern shore, I'm Canada Cal.

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