Friday, June 15, 2007

Party Poker to Add Ads

Canada Cal here, on emergency reserve duty from Lake Superior's north shore, just in case an armada of radical Muslims decide to raft across the Edmund Fitzgerald's watery grave and invade you guys from the north. I've got a bag o' coal chunks here ready to peg at 'em, just in case.

Poker news, sure. This time I'm jealous. Because at least for a bit, you lucky Americans aren't going to have suffer something that the rest of us now will.

Just a couple of days ago, (another online poker site) announced that it was going to start inserting virtual advertising into its play-money tables. Well, maybe not every one plays at PKR. Exactly one day later, though, comes the news that Party Poker will be doing the same thing, and yeah, a lot of us second-class Canadians still play at Party. So we're gonna be stuck with the crap, like we don't have enough to worry about. I found a ClickZ story on it with the following:

"The demographics are just astounding," said Calvin Lui, a spokesman for Connexus and Traffic Marketing, the company doing the ads for Party. "And it's a very captive experience. You actually download a software application that has the game on it. So it's not a Web surfing experience and you are actually engaged in a game."

The opportunities for advertisers will run the gamut, from rich-media to simple pop-ups to integrated sponsorships. For example, companies can buy a rotating ad on the poker table, ads on the table belt and messages on the coats of the virtual dealers and characters playing the game.

"The dealer may be a character that you can create," said Lui. "Say you're rolling out a new movie. Jack Sparrow could be the dealer and the table felt could be Pirates of the Caribbean. You could have a place to click for a preview of the movie."

It's all because Party is trying to replace lost revenue from its U.S. pullout, or so it says earlier up in the story. A pox on it. Blahhhh. We've got to stare at more ads because you guys have oooooodiots for politicians. Yeah, we've got some too, no doubt. I guess them's the breaks.

But I bet you're gonna see your own on-table ads soon enough. If you are playing for free at Party you can virtually guarantee it.

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