Sunday, June 03, 2007

More WSOP Weirdness --- Quiet Lion Banned From the Premises?

It's full-moon season again, meaning the WSOP has started. I think they just need to erect a giant neon moon in the sky atop the Rio, looking down on the Voodoo Lounge, just so they have something on which to blame the craziness that always breaks out at the WSOP --- even though this is about the WSOP only in a roundabout way.

Richard 'Quiet Lion' Brodie received a letter from Harrah's recently, officially notifying him that he was persona non grata on Harrah's properties. Richard's kind of a semi-sorta good poker player, of course (being a spokesman for Full Tilt), but apparently the problem was that Richard just got flat-out lucky, hitting four royal flushes on 'high roller' video poker at three different Harrah's properties over a relatively short time frame.

Harrah's apparently decided that they can't make money off this guy, according to Brodie's most recent post, so they gave him the boot.

From all Harrah's properties.

Including the Rio, now hosting the WSOP. Meaning one of the best few hundred playes in the world can't play, even though he's done nothing wrong.

I'd like to think that there's something more to this, some hidden somethingorother that explains an action that seems so inane on its surface. But what that would be, I have no clue. Maybe a Harrah's exec is channeling Becky Binion or something.

Or maybe the full moon really does have an effect. It's up there right now, you know.

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