Sunday, May 27, 2007

Seeking Stories ... Help!

Welcome to the ultimate in placeholder posts, late on a Sunday eve. You see, there's a problem this evening: There ain't no worthwhile poker news out there this week, and there hasn't been in days. It's the typical Death Valley of poker stories in the days just preceding the WSOP, and this year it really sucks. Recent news searches on "poker" and similar terms turns up the following stories which I'm just dying to tell you about:

  • A story about a Nepalese poker cashier suing her employer over an alleged lack of pay for overtime worked;

  • Anne Heche's custody battle over her five-year-old son, who is reportedly allowed to participate in Daddy's poker games --- and 'Daddy' is Heche's ex and the news is so slow that Chops already bit on this one;

  • The assault charges against actor Ryan O'Neal being dismissed. O'Neal was accused of firing a gun 'into the air' in an argument with his son, who supposedly attacked him with a fireplace poker. Ryan O' Neal's been a poster boy for irresponsible behavior for three decades now; what more do we need to know?

  • The thing about Greg Raymer considering a run for Vice President on the Libertarian ticket, which is news so old and stale it's almost new again.

    Anyhow, it really sucked looking for interesting poker stories the last few days. Better you should go wash your car. Twice.

    And hope for a richer week. Sorry, gang. Better luck next time.

    John said...

    Hi Haley, been lurking your blog for a pretty long time. How about the following for poker news today:
    1) Wall Street Journal article says that poker player nemesis Bill Frist is a potential nominee to lead the World Bank.
    2) Tomorrow is the WPT episode where Daniel Negreanu and Joe Hachem make the final table. Any update on either of them or the WPT lawsuit which Hachem is a part of?
    3) What will be the best sites to follow the WSOP this year (KAP included of course).

    Keep up the good work.

    Haley said...

    Thanks for the nice words, John, but this year I probably won't get to visit the WSOP in person, though I'll be working at it in the virtual sense every day.

    I hadn't heard about Bill Frist and the World Bank vacancy. With Frist's previous background on those hidden hospital dealings, he might just be dirty enough to do the job. Failing that, the U.S. could always pardon Dennis Kozlowski and stuff him in there.

    No news on the WPT/Hachem (et. al.) suit. I think both sides are waiting for the next court hearing to come up for the added publicity involved.