Sunday, May 13, 2007

Paul 'Kwickfish' Wasicka and Others Scammed by MySpace Fraudster

Imitation isn't always the highest form of flattery. On occasion it's blackmail instead.

Paul 'Kwickfish' Wasicka, the runnerup in last year's WSOP Main Event and the recent winner of the third annual NBC National Heads-Up Championship, has discovered this in an unfortunate way. Some blatant thief set up a MySpace account a week ago pretending to be Paul and asking for money. As if he needs any right now --- the dude is flush.

Anyhow, friends and fans of Kwickfish quickly pointed out the existence of the site, which Card Player reports was used to beg contact other high-profile players. Among those Card Player mentioned as being contacted in the scam were Jennifer Leigh and Allen Kessler.

Wasicka's business manager, Truman Bradley, quickly told the impersonator to take the site down, at which point the impersonator really took things off the charts. Here's the exchange, which Truman (or Paul himself), put up for all to see on the blog (photo source

IANAL, but to this semi-educated observer it looks like a felony either way. If the guy actually did con someone out of money, it's fraud by misrepresentation, and it appears to be blackmail regardless. One lump or two?

Bradley, Wasicka's business manager, seems to have then went to MySpace to have the account yanked, and the account is a modestly glowing thermonuclear crater as we speak. But here's hoping that Wasicka and Bradley pressure MySpace to take further action on this matter, to trace and pursue the fraudster on more serious charges. Bradley has declined further comment on the incident to date, but we've reached out anyway for any additional info that might be forthcoming.

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