Sunday, April 29, 2007

Randy Zandstra, A.K.A. Some Guy Who Final-Tabled a Minor WSOP Event Ten Years Ago and Has Been on the Lam for Nine Months, Corraled by da Fuzz

Hopin' you all liked the Wicked Chops-style headline... I also thought about writing this one to say "on the lamb," the way an unfortunate Gambling911 piece did a few weeks ago when referring to the Kaplan/BetonSports arrest. (To which I responded, "Oh, ewe.")

And about this story? Well, some dude named Randy Zandstra, who I would not know from Adam Spiegelberg, seemingly auditioned for a "COPS" episode a week or so in a tale which just made the New York Post. (Not that Spiegelberg's done anything wrong; I'm just saying....)

Zandstra, who barely final-tabled a limit Hold'em WSOP event back in 1996 (the one in which David Chiu won his first bracelet) and hasn't been heard from since, jumped bail last July and had further warrants issued for his arrest in October. Zandstra's been reported as a high-life-lovin', free-rollin', veteran con artist who really got in deep when he ran an investment scam in Colorado, which led to fraud charges.

When authorities caught up with Zandstra a week ago, he tried to run over an officer, then led the police on a four-mile chase that ended with Zandstra being ejected from his SUV and breaking an arm and leg. I love the added Post touch: "Zandstra, a casino-loving gambler known to don disguises and use 16 aliases...." The 115 marijuana plants found in his home were a nice bonus, too.

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Anonymous said...

interesting blog...

I knew Randall Zandstra for over 15years, a good part of that time he was living in Las Vegas making a living playing poker at cash games.

I never knew him by the name Randall Zandstra until after his arrest. He is still now in prison, but for the time I knew him, he was a very feared mid to higher stakes player who was always kind and very credible in his character. He cared well for his child, and was always courteous to his opponents and to others in general. While I knew him, he was a man I could rely upon - the kind of man I like to call a friend.

I can not speak to his crimes...I know he counted blackjack on teams, played poker, and did other things with gambling by himself and on teams when making good money, and was one of the few people who made a 6 figure income each year for many years playing and gambling.

I do not know who wrote this blog. Perhaps you wish to leave your email, and when Randy gets out you can play some poker with him. While at a poker table he shows no mercy to his opponent, and will courteously take any chip you place upon the felt without remorse. After that, you can blog again.