Sunday, April 01, 2007

Negreanu Skewers Hellmuth in April Fool's Post

Give it up to Kid Poker on this one, for it's clearly the best post of the day.

Daniel Negreanu's tongue-in-cheek flaying of a recent Phil Hellmuth post is one of those Tastee Treats that we're presented with far too seldom. It began when Hellmuth, never one to let his ego get in the way of good taste, surpassed even his own Hellmuthian "I-Guy" standards in a post describing his recent largest-ever cash game loss at the hands of Patrick Antonius and Phil Ivey. That's the post linked above, and it's really pathetic stuff.

Enter Negreanu, seldom at a loss for words on topics of interest. Negreanu's parody of Hellmuth's post exposes the pretensions for what they are, and uses April Fool's as great cover for keeping us guessing about just how serious he is about the whole matter.

Darn well done, Daniel.

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