Sunday, April 22, 2007

'Lucky You' Star Unhurt in Car Crash

Wait, didn't Eddie Griffin do this one just a few weeks ago?

The Hollywood News reports that the star of the perpetually soon-to-be released poker movie "Lucky You," Eric Bana, escaped injury when he crashed his car during a rally in Australia lately. Bana was unhurt in the incident, which makes it easier to deal with it all in a lighthearded manner. No harm to Bana, but his "beloved 1974 Ford XB Coupe, a car that he has owned since he was 15, was severely damaged."

Still probably cheaper than the $1.0... $1.2... $1.5 million inflationary price tage affixed to the vintage Ferrari Enzo Griffin crashed prior to the release of his new film 'vehicle,' "Redline," to less-than-stellar reviews.

Speaking of probably-crummy movies set for release, Bana's "Lucky You," also featuring Drew Barrymore and Robert Duvall, is now scheduled to open on May 2nd. We don't know that it is a bad film, but the signs are there: this is something like the eleventh different release date scheduled for the film, which has been in the can for a couple of years already. It's not hard and fast, but the larger the number of release dates, the worse the film tends to be. Call it a leading indicator.

We're not really saying that Bana crashed the car intentionally; we're just having fun with the coincidence. We're also not saying that "Lucky You" is a dog, but the trailer, released last summer at the WSOP, was uninspiring.

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