Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Phil Hellmuth Latest to Ink Poker-Drink Endorsement Deal

There's a bit of a rush of name players signing endorsement contracts for energy drinks geared to the poker lifestyle.

Batting in the leadoff position was Brad 'Yukon' Booth, who's been pimping PokerWater as of late. Now Phil Hellmuth has sold his name and image to the makers of Pro Player Endurance Formula, another energy drink designed, we suppose, to optimize one's table play.

"With Pro Player, I can almost taste my 11th WSOP bracelet," says Hellmuth.

I believe the product will generate a buzz that has nothing to with advertising or marketing. Just check out this list of ingredients:

Vitamin B12 (Cobalamin)
Panthothenic Acid
Folic Acid
Choline Taurine
Acetyl L Carnatine
Vitamin B6 (Pyridoxine)
Green Tea Extract
Ginko Biloba

So basically, it's a mix of three categories, starting with all the natural uppers like caffeine, L-theanine (the caffeine-like stimulant most commonly found in green teas), and ginko biloba. What, no ginseng? Then toss in all the B-complex anti-stress vitamins, and include a few of the current 'buzz compounds' recently garnering sales as improving mental health and function --- that's the taurine and choline and stuff like that.

Actually, the above is a general formula for any energy drink, not just this Pro Player stuff. I haven't tasted this drink, nor Brad Booth's product, but most of these drinks just have to be an improvement over Diet Red Bull, which after two cans usually has my innards begging for a new lining to protect against the assault. That said, I'm not sure that drinking too many of these is a great idea for any player, unless that player has ensured that the nearest restroom is in close proximity.

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