Wednesday, April 18, 2007

California-cum-Vegas Poker Pro Victim in Stabbing Murder

The stabbing death of Vegas poker player William Gustafik on Friday has now seen the arrest of the leading suspect, his wife.

Gustafik, a former chiropractor who gave himself the tag 'The Manipulator' after breaking through with several cashes in large events, was found dead in his condo at Las Vegas's Panorama Towers. That's the same new complex to the west of the Bellagio (across I-15), that David Williams recently moved into as detailed over at It's an upscale locale, the home-away-from home for folks like Pamela Anderson, Leo DiCaprio and Tobey McGuire whenever they're in Vegas.

Gustafik, who won $80,000 by finishing tenth in last year's WPT Shooting Star event, was found dead after police received an anonymous call last Friday, and then three days later located Gustafik's wife, who is presumed to have fled Las Vegas and was located unconscious in a San Luis Obispo, CA, motel room, hours away from the crime scene. Gustafik's wife, Jill Rockcastle, remains in intensive care in a San Luis Obispo hospital.

Early reports suggest that police have also recovered the murder weapon, and that when Rockcastle recovers, she will be extradited back to Las Vegas. One unofficial source commented that Rockcastle was a former Playboy bunny with a reputation for unusual behavior, which has not been verified. The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department's press release on the murder and Rockcastle subsequently being taken into custody was posted here, and included this photo of Rockcastle, now the prime suspect in the murder.

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When I first read this extremely sad story, I wondered where Brandi Hawbaker/Hawmaker was.