Saturday, March 31, 2007

The Return of the Top Ten List: Greg Raymer's Cracked Poker Stars Password

Yeah, yeah, it's that time again. Last week we reported that Greg Raymer had had his account broken into and its contents, purportedly over $100,000, temporarily being dumped into a thief's account before the quick actions of onlookers and Stars security returned the funds to Raymer.

There's been considerable speculation over exactly what Raymer's password was, though he somewhat abashedly admitted it wasn't the toughest password to crack, though that situation has since been corrected. Since Raymer hasn't been forthcoming with the now-useless password, we'll offer up a Top-Ten list on things it could have been. Maybe. Possibly. Oh, hell, not at all, but we're going to have fun with it anyway.

The top ten choices for Fossilman's cracked Poker Stars password:

10) no1wptfan
9) TrilobiteMe
8) secretgophersluvr
7) [spacerentedto2+2]
6) eatthisariah
5) Ih8flushchasers
4) fixedlimitsux
3) robberfoiler
2) waybetterthanMikeytheChimp
1) dannegreanuisaturnip

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