Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Jamie Gold Mentions Leyser Suit in Video Clip

There's nothing quite like a great inside joke. Such is the case with a recent short video on YouTube, entitled "Jamie Gold on Crispin Leyser."

In the clip, one sees Gold's lips move and sounds coming out, but even though the two are in perfect sync, the words still make no sense. When asked about the Crispin Leyser lawsuit and eventual settlement, Gold states that, "The press made it out to be a big thing; it wasn't a big thing."

I love this guy.

But the gem of the video? That comes seconds later. Gold is being interviewed by one of the girls, an edgy site we've mentioned more than once in recent weeks. The interviewer asks Gold about Wicked Chops Poker, Gold responds that, "Wicked Chops [is] Wicked Chops. They talk shit about me all the time. Good for them."

Not long after that, Gold looks down at the interviewer's mike and sees the "" logo embossed thereon, and then adds, " --- I love."

I, for one, get a kick out of the fact that Chops chose to post the clip under the "wickedchops" YouTube account, not that I can say for sure that he personally did the deed. Still, one can only imagine Chops peeing his pants from laughing so hard when he saw what the Gold video clip contained.

Think someone ought to tell Jamie? What, and spoil all the fun?

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