Sunday, February 18, 2007

Gavin and Joe Return with Wet Wager on 'Prop Bets'

"It's gonna lick balls, to be quite honest with you." --- Gavin Smith, as he and Joe Sebok prepare for the "Chinese Water Torture" prop bet in the second episode of their continuing "Prop Bets" videos available for viewing at

It's not exactly PC, but if you've got a weird sense of humor, then by all means surf on over to and check it out. RawVegas boss "Chops" Preiss hosts the latest bet, and, hack that I am, I couldn't resist visiting, nor mentioning it here.

As usual, we won't give out any spoilers as to the actual result, but we do note that the trappings on these are every bit as interesting as to who might have won or lost. It looks like every episode will include the requisite amount of cheating accusations and edge-grabbing moves (in the true nature of all good prop bets, throughout history), and in this one we're also treated to Joe and Gavin engaging in a bizarre "Twilight Zone" coda of what's generally referred to as "mock bitch slapping." The series is definitely not for all audiences, but it's quite enjoyable if one is sufficiently warped. I'm probably in that latter group. [Image source:]

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