Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Doyle's Room II: The Update

Enough new stories are swirling around the exit of Doyle's Room from the U.S. market to warrant a follow-up post. There is a story up at Eye on Gambling [www.eog.com], that asserts that Doyle's Room was sold out to Full Tilt. That story seems to be only partially true, which isn't the first time in recent days that EOG's gone off a bit half-cocked.

Anyhow, John Caldwell, my boss at pokernews.com, was kind enough to forward me over the short press release from Doyle's Room's PR contact on the matter... now that such a critter exists. (And thank you, John, for forgiving my being such a pest.) The quote in Earl Burton's story is, how to say, set in stone. From the story and press release:

“In view of the passage of the UIGEA and the cessation of operations by Neteller and other payment processors, the management of DoylesRoom.com has reluctantly decided not to permit online real money play by US-based players at DoylesRoom.com.”

The only way to square that with the eog.com piece is to make the following assumption --- Doyle's Room has not sold out to Full Tilt in the manner stated, but has rather sold its existing U.S. player base to Full Tilt, or at least as many of those players as can be migrated. Doyle's Room and the DBPN will soldier on, sans U.S. players, it appears.

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