Thursday, February 08, 2007

Brandi "The Burner" Hawbaker Reportedly Accepts Stripper Gig at Spearmint Rhino

Well, hell, didn't you think it was just about time for another weird Brandi Hawbaker story to surface? Did you think that something as salacious as the original Hawbaker/Franklin/Boyd tale could wander off into the sunset, without some sort of weird coda? And did you think I snuck the word "huggles" into the previous post for purely gratuitous reasons?

No, indeed! And Brandi's back in the eyes of and minds of Micon's minions, the readers over at that bastion of good taste, We won't even mention the latest previous development, wherein Brandi proclaimed her hots for site owner Brian Micon --- eeek!! --- complete with an avatar showing her holding a small "I (heart) Micon" sign. Wait, I just screwed that one up, but okay. I mean, whatever. No doubt it was Micon's video showing him attempting to pee into a glass perched onto a hotel-room chair that's the basis of the attraction.

Hawbaker, though, confirmed rumors that she has accepted an offer to go dance at the Rhino, which in recent years has probably supplanted Cheetah's as Vegas's preeminent "gentleman's club." Both clubs were cheesily detailed in Jim McManus's new-wave poker/murder book, Positively Fifth Street. Hawbaker subsequently posted on the NWP forums that she chickened out on her first appearance, but since a couple of her friends drive over from the L.A. area to dance, she agreed that it was a good money-making opportunity.

Readers of the McManus book might recognize an eerie coincidence between this and the path of Sandy Murphy, involved in the murder of Binion's Horseshoe Casino heir Teddy Binion. Ah, well, since Micon doesn't have that kind of money, he's probably safe. Micon and his readers even thought up some possible stripper-y names for Hawbaker while she dances, though they somehow left "Huggles" off the list. Tsk, tsk.

Meanwhile, no computer software company seems to have produced a "Brandi block" product....

**ed note, here is a list of some more Brandi info and links to some NSFW Brandi Photo's.

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