Sunday, January 28, 2007

Poker Superstars II Game Receives Mainstream Pimping on Yahoo!

"You've been invited back for Season 2!" --- lead-in to the product description for the Poker Superstars II card game, now available on Yahoo! Games.

We needed something a little lighter in texture to break up what's been a serious couple of weeks, and this fits the bill. Whatever is one to make of this? I've got to admit that I've never understood the point of playing poker for play money, since no matter the form of the game, the cash is itself how the game is scored; play-money poker is to me as entertaining as standing outside a keno parlor, watching the numbers flash up on the central screen.

But anyhow, you can play a limited version of the game for free on Yahoo!, or you can fork over $20 and buy the complete thing for your own machine. I figure it's got to be cheesy, considering that selling points #2 and #3 are the following:

#2: "Player Cards let you track what kind of player you are"

#3: "Import your photo and be the Poker Superstar you know you are"

Dang, can I buy multiple copies?

Clearly, clearly, this is aimed for the novice, since anyone who knows more than the poker basics knows that there are serious trainers out there, such as Wilson Software's offerings, for only two or three times the price. I own one Wilson package but use it seldom, for much the same reasons mentioned above. As for this one, it's clear that there were no holds barred when creating the marketing package for this offering, as proven by this photo:

My god, is that the best Cyndi Violette photo the Poker Superstars II people could find? Elsewhere in the screen grabs for the game on Yahoo!, there's a face shot of Barry Greenstein that I swear makes him look like Gheorghe Muresan. And of course, the Freddy Deeb piccie can't help but re-ignite the ages-old debate over who would have been best to play him in a movie, Danny DeVito or Bob Hoskins. (I think Hoskins.)

Oh, wait, were you expecting a game review...? Nahh, not today. It's true that you can't tell a book by its cover, but the cover of this one doesn't exactly thrill.

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Jon said...

LOL. Poor Cyndi :(