Thursday, January 04, 2007

Daniel Negreanu to Swap 'Kid Poker' Look for 'Chrome Dome'

'Tis the Yul season, at that.

Kid Poker, a.k.a. Daniel Negreanu, has announced plans to shave his head, as part of his wanting to get a fresh start on 2007. Now, there's certainly nothing wrong with lowering one's center of gravity, though most of us do it through the more traditional regimen of beer and brownies, sadly not as favored by the health-conscious Negreanu. As for that photo on the right, well, I can't imagine its connection to the rest of this piece.

You realize, of course, the stunning depth of this announcement, ranking right up there with Andre Agassi's decision to similarly go with the shaved pate many years back. Agassi, though, was reportedly undergoing premature baldness, meaning that he had to go with the look or end up looking like the golden-haired version of Jeffrey Tambor, which would have really put the damper on all those way-cool Eos camera plugs. (Photo source: Wikipedia)

Negreanu, for his part, doesn't seem to have a hair problem, nor does he actually need the insulation on top, having relocated from Canada to Vegas. So it's a curious move, but Negreanu's still likely to look better than Phil Hellmuth did in the post-Varkonyi days.

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