Saturday, December 30, 2006 Welches On Tourney Guarantee

Two news stories will put a wrap on the 2006 edition of the Kick Ass Poker blog. One's good, one's not so good, and since I hate to finish the year on a downer, let's take out the garbage in this one., flagship brand of the Bwin/Ongame Poker Network, recently pulled a major welching when it failed to honor a listed guarantee for its Christmas tournament, a $20+2 MTT with a $19,000 guarantee and a $2,000 HDTV as a bonus prize for first prize.

The scheduled first prize based upon the guarantee was a tad under $4,000, and even if there hadn't been a guarantee, the 265 players who signed up would have generated enough of a prize pool that first place would have been worth $1,590. Amazingly, after the tourney had run, claimed that they had made a mistake, and they went back into the accounts of all the people who had cashed in that event ad pulled out most of the money.

How would you feel if your first-ever score in a MTT occurred, and when you went to check on your winnings, you discovered that the poker room had taken back nearly 90% of the cash you thought you had won? That's what happened to a player named 'zander,' who recounted this sorry tale in an episode in this post at Pocket Fives., the offending room, claimed that zander wasn't due $3,829.81, the listed winning amount, or even the $1,590, as based on the 265 players and the 20+2 buy-in. Instead, they said that he had won $404.75, and they pulled back the remainder of the cash out of his and all the other winning players' accounts, after it had already been paid. The battle rages, with claiming that an internal error was made, and that because of this, they don't have to honor the stated guarantee.

Class act, that site. I know, here in the States, that we can no longer play on the site, but something like this still needs to be brought into public view. On a connected note, Pocket Fives has also pulled all its advertising pending a more just resolution of this situation. So who's giving lessons in business acumen these days? Jamie Gold? Dutch Boyd?

Kudos to Quiet Lion and Terrence Chan for helping shine light on these idiots.

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