Friday, December 01, 2006

Oops, Misclick... Damn... Oh, Thanks for the $80,000

Then there's the tale of the $80,000 misclick, which happened a few nights ago on Full Tilt. I've seen notes on this in two or three spots, such as this one by the blogger behind High Stakes Reports.

The scene: a $200/400 NL Hold'em table at Full Tilt just a few nights ago. The participants: Full Tilt endorser Phil Ivey and young California pro Brian Townsend, seen making deep runs in several tourneys recently under his 'sbrugby' handle. (Photo at right: Phil Ivey at the 2006 WSOP)

By all accounts, Townsend, who started the bizarre hand with over $80,000, mistyped his opening bit, meaning that instead of betting $3,000 or $3,800 or something, he clicked in and entered $30,800. Ivey, figuring it to be a misclick, decided to make a move and pick up a huge pot; he pushed all-in, leaving Townsend the choice of calling another $50,000-plus or abandoning his mis-clicked bet.

Townsend cussed a bit, then made the call for the rest of his stack, and turned over... A-8. And Ivey? He held only K-9, and after the flop came 8-7-8, giving Townsend trip eights that would stand up with ease.

Another report indicates that Ivey departed the table immediately thereafter. If so, it's pretty easy to see why.


Kevin Mathers said...

Either sbrugby really loves A8, or that's someone giving you some misinfo. Here's a 300/600 NL hand that was posted on 2+2:

Kevin Mathers said...

Well I found the other hand with the misclick, that should teach me to look around more before doubting.

Haley (a.k.a. "Cawt") said...

I do the same thing, Kevin. It seems like sbrugby and Ivey have mixed it up quite a bit lately.