Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Disgraceful Garbage at LaunchPoker

And then there's the tale of LaunchPoker, one of a myriad of poker sites that just seems to exist by rewriting everyone else's news. Understand, that's a relatively small evil as these things go; I'd give the site a rating of three or four out of ten, just because there's nothing on the site you can't find anywhere else.

Well, until this turd appeared, on Christmas Day, and due to the brevity of the release I shall quote in its entirety, though I'm not going to link it up:

"Gay Poker May Join Ladies Night"

"Annie Duke is one of the more famous of women poker players, and was once quoted saying that poker was one of the few places that men and women can compete on equal footing, and so she saw no need for a Ladies Only tournament. Now that online poker rooms have been launched for the gay community, it leads one to wonder if soon there will be a Gay Only tournament at some future World Series of Poker. Supporters say that it has less to do with gays needing to play others for a fair playing field, and more to do with the social elements that surround any online community."

"Annie Duke" and "World Series of Poker" were internally hyperlinked, but what struck me about this supposed news item was the wretchedness of the news itself. Besides the gratuitous mentions of Annie Duke, gays and the World Series of Poker, is there any news here at all?

"It leads one to wonder...." Okay, what I'm wondering is if it was really that slow a news day, and if LaunchPoker had to drop to this sleazy a level in order to generate site hits. "Supporters say...." Uhh, name some. Name one. C'mon, pretty please. Otherwise, I'm left with no other deduction but that LaunchPoker reached into its buttcrack and snared this turd, to deliver it unto a poker world that deserves something better than this.

LaunchPoker should go back to just being a proverbial poker-site cow, that being the type of site that, should it disappear, would immediately be replaced by a similarly indistinct site. Better they should rewrite others' stories (badly), then serve up shit like this.

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