Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Green Tie Poker Still Poker-A-Go-Go for U.S. Players

Beverly at Green Tie Poker, a skin in the Blast Off Ltd (formerly Excapsa) Network that's closely tied to Ultimate Bet, sent along this note:

As part of Green Tie Poker and as a poker enthusiast, I appreciate sites such as KickAss Poker that are trying to keep players aware of their options online. I know it must be difficult to keep the information
updated, and perhaps it will be helpful that I take the time to let you know Green Tie's status so that you can make the correction.

Green Tie is not only still accepting U.S. players, but we are encouraging those "lost poker souls" who now find themselves homeless, to come on over to the Green!

Thanks again for keeping U.S. players aware of their online options.

Beverly Cheney
Poker Room Manager

Duly noted, Beverly, and thank you for taking the time to contact us. Note that we're quite happy to print a note like this as well, so all you smaller skins out there that are grousing about erroneous information but not doing anything about it, get off your duffs!

Now, if Green Tie can only explain why they didn't strap one of those green ties on Hellmuth at that launch party...

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