Sunday, October 29, 2006

Poker Site Scout Tracks UIGEA Impact on Daily Basis

I've mentioned a site called Poker Site Scout in the past, and dagnabbit it, I'm doing so again. One of the things I like about the site is its independence --- it's not one of those sites that's so festooned with banner ads that there's no content on the site.

Poker Site Scout has recently added a page of interest to those who would like to see the real-time effects of the UIGEA's signing on those sites that have chosen to depart the U.S. market. While the site's main page continues to provide a live-time count of all major site and network cash-game traffic, a new page linked here.

Go take a moment to look at it --- if you're not geeked out by graphs, this one's cool.

(la-da-da-dee-da-dum, la-de-dah...)

That wasn't so bad, was it?

While Poker Stars is now the biggest online player, racking up gains that look to in the 10-15% range, it's clear that the biggest short-term winner in percentage terms is Full Tilt. Bodog's also climbed nicely, while Party and Paradise have fallen like lead weights, although the count at Ongame ('s network), isn't off by as much as one might expect.

A couple of interesting side notes: Full Tilt actually had to go offline for a couple of hours a week or so back, to integrate new servers to handle the increased customer load. And Party, well... they're in free-fall. It's been widely noted that they've removed the prominent counter at the bottom of their main menu, which they've acknowledged in a release, saying that they don't want to provide their customers with additional information that could put them at more of a competitive disadvantage. For Party's part, they've both acknowledged the numbers at Poker Site Scout, and have continued to allow their traffic to be tracked, unlike, say, the guys over at, which is the largest site or network not listed at PSS.

In parting, you'll get to read this whenever Blogger gets around to working again, which, judging by the last couple of weeks, might not be any time soon.

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