Sunday, September 24, 2006

Vanessa Rousso Spills the Relationship Beans

Sorry, guys. It seems like Vanessa Rousso is taken, at leat for the time being.

While it's likely one of those "open" secrets within poker's higher echelons, Vanessa Rousso let it slip while doing color commentary on a recent Bluff/WCOOP podcast that her current romantic interest is none other than... Chad Brown. I guess a "Sorry, girls," is also in order.

Both Rousso and Brown have been in the news in recent days, but for major poker success, not for this. Rousso just wrapped up her first major title, taking down Event #9 at the Borgata Poker Open, a $5,000-buyin, no-limit event. That win was worth a paltry $285,450 for the erstwhile Duke University law student.

As for Brown, all he's done in recent days is lead the way to the European Poker Tour event in London, although late reports indicate that he was knocked out in fifth, while another woman, Vicky Coren, won the event. (And, by the way, go-o-o-o girls!)

So, will hot psuedo-celebrity romantic relationships be the next big thing among the hot young pokerscenti? Does anyone really care? Heh. Probably not. But news is news, so, well, now you know. And we now return to our regularly scheduled poker features.

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