Sunday, September 10, 2006

Sunday Nite WSOP Photo Mini-Dumplet

And not even from the WSOP itself, on this one. That's what happens when real poker news picks up, as it has this past week. While there's still plenty of Mansion Poker Dome and WSOP tales in store, we'll just wrap things up for the night with this:

Given that Mondays are not the quietest day of the week at Las Vegas's McCarren International Airport, one wonders on the wisdom of shooting the airport scenes for Oceans 13 that day. Uh, yep --- I ran into a bit of a snarl in the terminal on my way back to the Midwest, and this photo only captures about a tenth of the crowd that hovered outside the set barriers.

Funny. All those folks that getting a picture of Matt Damon was a big deal. I thought getting a picture of them was a far more entertaining bit.

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