Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Then There was This Guy...

If you don't see it at the WSOP, it's likely because you're not paying attention. Skinny models with pierced navels and tattoos of little stars and roses peeking from beneath their costumes? Dime a dozen. A dime for two dozen, even --- just ask Phil Gordon.

A dude with a tattoo of the four card suits at the base of his scalp?

Well, that's a bit more unusual, if not necessarily a pleasure to the aesthete.

Here you see the rear view of Freddy Lessinger, from Port Orchard, WA, who made the pilgrimage all the way to the WSOP just to watch some of his favorites in action. Lessenger --- no relation to poker author Matt Lessinger, at least we think --- has had his new card tattoo for almost two months as this is written, and it received quite a bit of notice during his trips through the festive atmosphere at the Rio. Lessenger had also tried to qualify for his own Main Event seat, but gave it up in June when that state's lobbyist-compromised legislators passed a sweeping bill outlawing online poker. As for his own hopes and poker-playing plans, he said, "Oregon's not that far away."

And perhaps Lessenger's a step ahead of the curve by just getting the four suit symbols, rather than having some schmucky poker-specific saying like "I'm all-in" tattooed just above the pubic-hair line. (Uhhh, no, I didn't inquire.) But in case we're forced to take up canasta any time soon, Lessenger can just point to the back of his neck and jump right in --- he's already ahead of the curve.

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