Monday, August 14, 2006

Awright, It's Another WSOP / Mansion Poker Dome Challenge Photo Dump

Another collection of bad photos from the WSOP and Mansion Poker Dome, but with interesting tidbits attached? Sounds like a plan!

--- Did you know Johnny Chan has his own poker site? It's scheduled to go live sometime in October, they report. It's part of a growing trend for international players to have their own poker sites, though it hasn't caught on with the U.S. faction to as large a degree.

--- Here's what happened to all those special-insignia straight-back chairs from last year's WSOP. They're in use --- in the back tournament room at Caesar's. I'll tell the rest of the Caesar's poker tale another time.

--- The view from my Mansion Poker Dome-provided room at Caesar's down onto the Bellagio Fountains. It turns out I'm never in my room during the evening the two nights I'm there, so I never see the great light displays, though the fountains are plenty impressive (if not as photogenic) during the daytime. That said, I can always tell when I've just missed a show, due to the giant "FOOOMP!" that the main water cannons (large central circles) emit at each sequence's close, loud enough to penetrate even the well-insulated Caesar's suite.

--- Here you go, guys. Jill Ann Spaulding publishes the aptly-named Top Pair Magazine. Were that all of us could age so beautifully and gracefully.

--- Overflow action occurred on each of the four official "Day One" sessions of the WSOP Main Event; on the final day fully 30 tables' worth of players were listed as 'alternates' (with assigned tables in the '3xx' range.) This note is from the cash-game board as it appeared early on Day 1-C; even though only 15 tables or so of alternates had to be brought into play as early eliminations occurred, it wasn't going to happen any time early.

--- The great folks at Mansion Poker sent up a bottle of very nice champagne to the room at Caesar's on the day before the Poker Dome Challenge taping. I figure I'll save it for the next night, for either celebration or commisseration. But I end up having not much to celebrate, and I guess I'm not the cry-in-my-'pagne type --- the bottle flies home with me, where I share it with a couple of dear friends.

**editor note - KAP blogger won her seat in the Poker Dome in a 1 cent tournament! click here to play in the Mansion Poker Dome - the only way to qualify is online at Mansion!

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