Sunday, July 02, 2006

The WSOP and the (Everywhere Else) Summertime Poker Blues

Every May July, the same thing happens: the poker world suffers a schism: There's the sphere of events surrounding the WSOP, and then there's everything else. In the past week, the WSOP has revved into something approaching full gear, with two major events already in the books, plus the employeee event, the building satellite action, and plenty of other sideline hoopla.

That said, not being at the WSOP doesn't mean that you need to shelve your poker jones until the lucky souls in Vegas decide to return to their rest-of-the-year schedules. In fact, the opposite is true; the period of time while the WSOP is running is your best chance to take advantage of the guaranteed tournaments available at virtually every major online poker site. Not only are there incrementally fewer players, but in the high-middle to top-level games, the cream of the competition may well be otherwise occupied.

We've fooled you on this one --- it's not the summertime blues at all. Rather, it's an increased opportunity.

While a lot of these sites' WSOP-specific promotions have either ceased or will within a couple of weeks, in every case that I'm aware the regular tournament schedule stays intact. (One update: Stars ran a rebuy version of their regular Sunday Million last night, though it may be a temporary thing.) That translates to value. So don't grouse the fact that you might not have won this package this time around. Instead, look upon it as an opportunity for the next lap.

(Unless, of course, that despicable pack o' pols we've been talking about elsewhere succeed in their freedom-robbing efforts. But that's a whole 'nother post.)

Need some recommendations for tournaments worth checking out during August? How about these:

The Party Poker $200,000 Guarantee on Saturdays
The Poker Stars Sunday Million
The Bodog $100,000 Guarantee on Sundays

Yes, these are the largest of the weekest tourneys (requiring healthy buy-ins), but there are smaller "Guarantee" events available throughout the week at each of these sites as well. Nor are they your only choices. Virtually every site has a raft of Guarantee tourneys, and sometimes the smallest sites have the biggest overlays.

It's sweet pickings right now, for the online tourney player. Give it a go and build your bankroll today.

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