Sunday, July 16, 2006

A Link to Solid Commentary of Anti-Gambling Legislation

Here's one of the best commentaries I've read on the topic of our idiot legislators. I've stayed away from the chorus in recent days, because I haven't had much to add that's distinctive --- the things I could point out have been said, by and large, in a number of other fourms. I merely note that a sure sign of demagoguery is when one hears the phrases "American values" and "protecting children" in the same handful of words, from the same source of bluster. It is, of course, necessary for each listener's sense of values to be wholly in tune with that of the orator blowing out the wordage; otherwise, the listeners' own sets of American values need not be considered.

As for the U.S. representative (Nussle, R-IA) whose own poker-playing past I once mentioned in a previous post, I'd have made a nickel on this one: he didn't show up for the vote. True, he's likely on the campaign trail as he stumps to be Iowa's governor, but I've got a hunch he couldn't have walked down the hall to vote on this one, even if he had been present in D.C. at the time.

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