Monday, July 24, 2006

And Off to Vegas... See Ya Next Week

Yes, you heard that right. I'll be in the air bright 'n' early on Tuesday morning, with a two-part trip spread over most of six days. You'll notice the rush of pieces published earlier today, despite whatever date shows up on the things in your browser. I've spent much of the weekend writing them, to clear the schedule for the trip. I hope they'll tide you over until my return.

As for me, on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, I'll be checked in at the Imperial Palace, but spending most of my time at the Rio and the WSOP, gathering notes, photos and background information for articles and stories that will appear here and elsewhere. Expect several "behind the scenes" pieces here in the coming weeks.

I might play in the media event on the 27th myself, though that's only an open conjecture at this point. I have a lot of other things to take care of first --- people to meet, things to see... and stories to gather.

As of the 28th, I'll slide on over to Caeser's Palace for my 48 hours of Poker Dome Challenge fun. Bluff Magazine's Jen Leo took 3rd (out of six) in her recent try, so I've got a good standard for poker bloggers to try to uphold. There are a number of interviews, parties and meetings set up for Friday (the 28th) and Saturday (the 29th, the day of taping), so my schedule looks rather rigidly organized on those two days. Back home late on the 30th, so new stories will resume here late on the 30th and continuing on the 31st... unless I steal a laptop on the road for a brief interlude.

Speaking of, have you tried to win your own Poker Dome seat yet? Mansion seems to be capping entries to the qualifier freerolls at 600 participants, so get there early and take your chances. Participation is definitely up, but that's to be expected, given the outrageously wonderful values for the winners. Sign up today and try for yourself.

Anyone looking to meet up with me during my stay in Vegas can call me on my cel phone beginning the early afternoon (Vegas time) of the 25th. I won't post that number directly, but you can find it easily enough by visiting my personal poker page, then clicking the "resume" link on the left. Like the Prego commercial, "It's in there!"

You'll all be looking for a major post from me, so I'll try to sneak one in from the road, or do one immediately upon my Sunday night return. Checking out now... and anteing up.

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