Thursday, May 25, 2006

Kick Ass Poker's Online Poker League --- Week 5 of 8

Warning: Tourney blogging follows... bleep-bloop-bleep-bloop...

And they're off! There might've been some weather-related outages (and graduations) in the Atlanta area this evening... attendance at the fifth of eight of the KAP weekly online tourneys was 12, down some from previous weeks. Remember, it's Thursday nights at 9:00 ET on PokerStars, with the tourney cost a meager $10+1 to face off against some of the toughest players in the Atlanta Poker League. Normal attendance varies between 15-30 players. I'd like to say that I'm one of the few non-Atlanta interlopers in the league, and therefore, as the KAP blogger, my token presence is tolerated. I'd like to say that, but it's not true --- the online league is open to all, but you do have to register over on the poker forums at the KAP mothership. The password to each week's tourney is easy to find once you register, and the registration itself is free and easy.

Plug's over, it's time to get down to business, and we'll do a mini live-blog to give you a feel for the action. This week's participants:

CawtBluffin (moi)

Rough bunch. Mostly former winners and one of the boss dudes, too, that being Spry_14.

Poor jaromed. I started out this tourney by straying from my normal rockish play, which most of these KAP players already know about. Hand 1: I ended up calling jaromed's min-raise from UTG with a suited 4-2, and hit a runner-runner flush to take it down. Hand 2: I limp-call from the SB (with Q-4 off) and hit top pair, and beat jaromed's river bluff. Hand 3: Donkey reputation firmly in place, I play 8-8 from the button very straightforward, and unfortunately for jaromed, the 8 that makes his straight on the turn also makes my boat. Three hands dealt, three hands played. One out.

But it's a fast start to the tourney, and vinestain and HemiLess2 also run into trouble early. And just like that... it's a final table! mony66 is our chip leader, and three of the nine of us will cash. Now comes the renegotiating tight play. Some big hands hit the board, including AA twice, but no one's in a hurry right now. It'll probably go until a collision of big hands before anyone gets knocked out.

And that's what happens when a king hits the board on a three-way flop, and dawggone's A-K holds up over a short-stacked WishICould's K-J. We are eight. And then seven, as mony66 makes a big bet into dawggone66 after losing most of his chips to apwine, who makes a tough call but wins with top two pair. Dawggone's won this thing at least twice already, so he's no one you want with a big stack of chips. Oh, well. I steal a few of those chips with an overpair re-raise, but I'm still in a deep third.

NitroDog goes out in seventh when his queens lose to dawggone's aces. Soon after, DerFleisch sucks out a turn A to survive an all-in against dawggone66, who'd flopped top pair. DF had a solid drawing hand, though. Spry_14 (Jason) makes an all-in re-raise and takes down a pot, loses half his stack in a big confrontation, then doubles through me when he wakes up with A-J in the SB. (I had soooted A-8.) Never say I don't treat my bosses nice. It triggers a bad run where I fold to a re-raise, lose a smallish pot, and before I know it I'm down in sixth of six. Rambler14's back from the depths, having doubled through three times.

But after a tough loss, Rambler's luck finally runs out when his steal attempt runs into a decent Spry big blind, and we are five. I win on a garbage double-through (Q-4 over 2-2) against apwine, but apwine's managing the table well with his big stack. And ultimately, apwine outkicks a short-stacked DerFleisch when both go in with an ace, so we are four.

Did I mention three spots pay? And I finally survive perpetual winner dawggone66 when my K-7 holds up against his short-stacked steal attempt with 7-6. (He's won this twice and taken a second as well, a tough, aggressive player.) But playing three-handed, I soon try a re-raise steal with A-6 and find out that apwine wasn't position-buying from the button --- his A-Q holds up with ease. I'm out in third with $24 and league points, and apwine (Andy) has a 2.5:1 chip lead over Spry (Jason) as heads-up play starts.

Jason puts up a good fight --- he and Andy cagily trade small pots back and forth for quite a few hands, somewhere between 20 and 30. It finally ends when Jason pushes an A-5 into Andy's J-J, and a third J hits on the flop. Tourney over! Congrats to apwine on taking down KAP Online League Event #5, for a whoppin' big $60 first prize! Now that's a fun time.

As for you, dear reader, show up and have some fun. The KAP gang is good peoples, and all "donk" references are made in lighthearted fun.

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