Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Slots.com Buyer Is Calvin Ayre Bodog Brand

For a little more than $1 Million per letter, Slots.com mystery buyer is revealed to be the founder of the Bodog Brand group.

The domain Slots.com was recently acquired for around $5.5 Million, it was one of the highest prices ever paid for a domain name. Sex.com and Business.com both sold for more, and according to Calvin Ayre, it is the second most valuable gaming domain behind Casino.com.

“After Casino.com, we feel that Slots.com is the best gaming domain in the world,” he explained. “Bigger even than Poker.com because there are no strong brands in this space and slots are far more universal than poker – just look at the amount of space a casino devotes to slots over poker, added to which its simple to spell and easy to remember.”

It is certainly a hell of a domain name! The seller and the buyer both hit a slots jackpot if you ask us. For a brandable, short, tons of exact match keyword volume, .com in the most profitable online gambling vertical, then yes Bodog Brand got a sweet deal.

What's coming at Slots.com?

We expect an incredible portal focused on the female demographic. I bet it is going to be awesome and I look forward to being around for the ride. The online slot machine market is huge and while there are tons of players, with a domain like slots.com the potential is immense.

Bodog.com Poker is already our favorite place to play poker online because of the high fish ratio. Check out Bodog directly. The casino and sportsbook are tops in the industry and new players get a 10% instant bonus plus a 100% up to $1000 bonus for poker.

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